PC Support

Remote Assistance

If you need assistance on your local computer, I am able to help you remotely. Just run the program below and call me at 219-365-8205.

NOTE: A broadband Cable/DSL Internet connection is required.

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Hardware / Software Support

Service Call Charges
< 10 mi $ 15.00
11 - 20 mi $ 25.00
21 - 30 mi $ 35.00
31 - 40 mi $ 45.00
Software Support Pricing
Data Recovery $ 40.00
Computer Reformat $ 80.00
Malware Removal $ 60.00
Software Updates $ 40.00
General On-Site $ 25.00 / ½ hr
General In-Shop $ 20.00 / ½ hr
Remote Assistance $ 20.00 / ½ hr
Hardware Support Pricing
Memory Upgrade $ 30.00
Fan Replacement $ 20.00
Case Cleaning $ 20.00
General On-Site $ 25.00 / ½ hr
General In-Shop $ 20.00 / ½ hr

The pricing model has changed a bit in the recent months. The billing increments have dropped to per ½ hour instead of per hour. I also decided to factor in travel charges as part of the billing. I used to apply a 2-hour minimum to all service calls, but that's no longer necessary with the travel charges now being applied.

Hardware support covers anything from fixing a broken computer to building a brand new one. Hardware support is offered on PCs only (no Mac support yet).

Software support includes fixing problems or making changes to your computer. Support is offered on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and most Linux distributions.

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