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Wells IT Solutions provides personal and reliable web hosting services. Hosting plans available are listed below. If you are not familiar with the web hosting terminology, feel free to contact me with your needs. I will be happy to set you up with a plan that fits your needs.

Packages Available

  Disk Space Bandwidth Emails Databases Cost
Personal 200 MB 2000 MB 100 10 $ 6.95
Personal Plus 300 MB 3000 MB 200 15 $ 8.95
Business Lite 500 MB 5000 MB 250 20 $ 11.95
Business Standard 1000 MB 10000 MB 300 25 $ 15.95
Business Plus 2000 MB 20000 MB 400 30 $ 18.95
Business Professional 4000 MB 40000 MB 800 60 $ 26.95

There are three other limitations that apply to all packages:

  • Server CPU Usage: Since your site is hosted on the same server as other websites, yours cannot use more than 25% of the CPUs for more than 90 seconds. If you think your website will require too many CPU resources, please ask to make sure.
  • Illegal Content: This includes any content illegal in the United States. See the TOS for more information or contact first if you are unsure.
  • Adult Content: This includes any type of pornography or nudity.

Please read over and be sure you agree with Wells IT's Terms of Service for web hosting.

Why Unlimited Packages are Not Provided

Several hosting companies out there offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth, so people often ask why it's not offered here. The answer is straight forward and simple, but very important:

It's not possible for any company to provide unlimited storage space or bandwidth.

Think about it, if someone can offer unlimited storage space for less than $20 /mo, then why aren't sites like eBay, Google, and Microsoft hosted there? The obvious answer is that there has to be a catch. Some companies limit the type of content hosted on their servers, and others will even define "unlimited" in their terms of service as a specific number (in other words - a limit).

Instead of offering "unlimited" packages and hiding the real limits in the fine print, all of the account limitations are stated up front so there are no suprises later. Please read over and make sure that your site stays within the guidelines stated above. Other than that, clients are free to use the resources they purchase how ever they see fit.

Hosting Software Used & Supported

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