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This was a personal site that I designed for myself. Influenced by this site, I wanted to have a personal site where I could voice my opinion as well as have a few online tools. Furthermore, I decided to code a new PHP framework and test it on this site.


Are you looking for custom website development? I have been writing software for over 5 years and designing websites from scratch for over 2 years. I am up to date on the latest technologies in web development, and I am ready to put those skills to work for your company.

If you need advise on a new or existing website, why not ask me a question? I can give you quick and free advice on how I can solve your web development needs. If I can't help you, I promise to at least point you in the right direction.

Why your Company Needs a Website

According to Internet World Stats, 71.1% of the North American population are online. That's a growth of 120.2% from the year 2000. It is clear that Internet usage is quickly growing. Having a website will benefit the majority of your client base even if you started as a brick-and-mortar company. If you don't have an up-to-date website for your company at this point, you are most-likely turning away several clients and losing business. I have helped several other companies with their online needs, and I would be happy to make you my next priority.

Packages Available

Below are just a few of the packages I have to offer. See the Web Development Packages page for the entire list.

Script Installation


Have a php script like phpBB, osCommerce, ZenCart, or any others installed in your website.

Website Moves


Moving your website from one location to another includes transferring your files, databases, and email account information.

Custom Web Site


A professional website for personal or business use.

Most web projects are not instant pay and instant delivery. These services require consulting and sometimes a great deal of collaboration. If you have any questions about these services, I encourage you to use the contact form or live chat when available.

Simple projects can be completed with a minimum amount of discussion and collaboration because the tasks are pretty straight forward. Simple projects typically can be done in less than three business days. These types of projects include script installations, website moves, and some website updates.

Complex projects take the most amount of time collaborating on formulating the project details before any coding and implementation occurs. These services will utilize activeCollab which is a program on this website that will contain the project details, plans, milestones, checklists, and contract. All members of the project will have access and this will ensure efficient communication with all people involved. I do not recommend email in large and complex projects. These types of projects include some website update services and custom websites from scratch.

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