My 18 Favorite Firefox Extensions / Add Ons

The thing I love the most about Firefox is that I have the power to customize it based on the contributions of the Firefox community. Based on using Firefox for years, here are the extensions that I use and recommend to others.

    1. Web Developer - This is a toolbar that provides tons of extra information on the web page as well as tools that allow you to disable JavaScript, meta redirects, CSS, and more.
    2. Bookmarks - I use this instead of Firefox's bookmarks because I can access these from any computer.
    3. DownThemAll! - This allows you to download everything on the page with one click. That could be all images, all exe's, all mp3's, anything you and your knowledge of reg expressions can do!
    4. User Agent Switcher - Use this to get into areas that might otherwise block you.
    5. Adblock Plus - Regardless of all the bloggers & webmasters that are against it, I still use it. 90% of the ads out there are I block them.
    6. CSSViewer - View the CSS properties for each element by simply hovering your mouse over it.
    7. Fasterfox - Speed up your browsing.
    8. StumbleUpon - WARNING: huge time waster...but soooo cool.
    9. Link Alert - This puts a little icon by your cursor when you hover over a link that goes to a file, secure connection, etc.
    10. Tabbrowser Preferences - This allows you to tweak how your browser deals with tabs.
    11. Screengrab! - Take screenshots of a whole page or any part of it.
    12. MeasureIt - Measure the dimensions of anything on the page.
    13. Image Zoom - Zom into images.
    14. ShowIP - Show the IPs of any domain.
    15. View Formatted Source - If a site has crappy HTML format, this will make it neat again.
    16. View Source Chart - View the source for specific sections of the page.
    17. FEBE - Back up all of your extensions so you don't have to install them one by one again.
    18. GooglePreview - See the preview of the sites in the Google search results.


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